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A good cargo and logistics business is one that efficiently and effectively manages the transportation of goods from one location to another, while providing timely delivery and excellent customer service.

A good cargo and logistics business should also be reliable, providing timely delivery. They should have a strong network of carriers and partners to ensure the smooth and secure transportation of goods.

In addition, a good cargo and logistics business should be flexible and adaptable to changing customer needs, technological advancements, and market trends. 

Finally, a good cargo and logistics business should be committed to continuous improvement and excellence operations to provide the best possible value to their customers.

Drif is here for you to be your good cargo and logistics partner.


Drif offers a wide range of services, such as freight forwarders, shipping, trucking, and logistics, such as shipping by air, land, and sea, as well as customs clearance, storage, and delivery.

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Air Freight
Our air cargo is carrying a various size range of goods.

The types of products that can be sent via this route are more diverse, with various types of land fleets whose use can be adapted to the dimensions and capacities of goods that are suitable for covering short distance shipments.

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Land Freight
Our cargo using land fleets such as cars, trucks, and others

Shipping by land is an alternative mode of transportation that has high flexibility and the ability to reach destinations that are difficult to reach. Land-based trucking is also very useful in distributing goods in daily business activities.

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Sea Freight
Our Landing Craft – Tank or Vessel operation

It is a very effective use of this vessel, or LCT, when it comes to mine work. In Indonesia, there are so many mining areas, some of which are offshore. There are so many reasons why using this type of vessel is more efficient.

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We love challenges and success

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Logistics transportation is the blood of all Indonesian human activities and is the locomotive and support for other sectors to keep moving. We are committed to honest, long-term partnerships in which we invest heavily on behalf of our associates. We work hard to stay adaptable in the solutions we offer and nimble in our implementation without sacrificing efficiency.

In project logistics, the last mile isn't just a distance, it's also a measure of how complicated things are, and this is where we shine. By combining our team of project logistics experts with our global network of relationships and assets, we can help you make even the most difficult and complex supply chain tasks seem easy.

Not every partner needs the same thing, so we offer multi-zoned temperature-controlled warehousing, logistics technology, direct-to-consumer fulfillment, and distribution experience to make sure you are covered. We can take care of our partners with the same care you would expect from your own team because we have distribution centers all over the country.

We welcome your inquiries and look forward to resolving your freight and logistical problems.

Head Office

Grand Slipi Tower Lt. 5 Unit F
Jl.Letjen S.Parman Kav 22-24
Palmerah, Jakarta Barat 11480


+62 822 9911 1816 

    Grand Kencana 2 Bintaro Blok B1 No. 6, Jl. Tegal Rotan Raya Pd. Aren, Tangerang Selatan 15220

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